About Us

About Us




The Advanced Cell Therapy and Research Institute, Singapore (ACTRIS), was established on 20 April 2020 to meet the increasing demand of cellular therapy process development and product manufacturing to enable clinical utility.

ACTRIS’s vision is to be the national and regional Centre of Excellence for facilitating discovery, process development and manufacturing of cellular-based therapeutics across the broad spectrum of immunotherapy and regenerative medicine encompassing investigational and approved cellular therapeutics.

ACTRIS aims to achieve accreditation from national and international regulators to ensure quality compliance of cellular therapy manufacturing and clinical services. Our common goal is to promote and foster the entire value chain of the cellular therapy ecosystem through enabling translational research and development, manufacturing, clinical service provision and commercialisation by serving the healthcare, academic and industrial sectors.

To enable the growth of Singapore as an innovation-led biomedical hub, ACTRIS will provide value-added services such as workforce training and regulatory facilitation, pertaining to delivery of cellular therapy to patients.


To be the national and regional Centre of Excellence for discovery, process development and manufacturing of cellular-based therapeutics.


To spearhead quality manufacturing of  cellular-based therapeutics & develop cell therapy services.

Support and foster collaboration in research & development within cell therapy ecosystem.

Train and educate next generation of scientists and clinicians in cellular-based therapy.


Accessibility: to cellular therapeutics

Commitment: to training, quality and standards

Teamwork: in fostering a vibrant ecosystem

Reliability: in our people and of our leaders

Innovative: in promoting research and development

Service Excellence: to our partners and our patients